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Subaru BRZ Front Splitter


BRZ Stock Dimensions
Exterior length (“) 167.9
Exterior body width (“) 69.9
Exterior body height (“) 51.6
Wheelbase (“) 101.4
Turning circle (‘) 35.4
Gross weight 2,835 lbs
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Most modern sports cars have become overly complex, but the BRZ offers a reprieve thanks to its authentic driving experience. The lightweight rear-drive coupe—which shares much with the Toyota 86—is not only fun to drive but also fairly practical. While its diminutive back seat is better left unused, the space expands for carrying cargo when it's folded flat. Sure, the BRZ could use a stronger dose of horsepower and torque, but its precise handling and steady feedback place it among the purest driver's cars on the market. While the 2020 BRZ has to compete with excellent alternatives such as the Mazda Miata, the Subaru's roomier interior and extra cargo capacity increase its appeal as a daily driver.

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