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Gorilla Splitters began in 2016 by Jesse Rodriguez. He had a desire to produce high-quality automotive parts, and build a career out of it. We work on custom front splitters, side splitters, splats, winglets, and anything else we can fabricate for our customers.
Our goal is to design the very best automotive add-ons from aesthetics to aerodynamics.
GS splitters have been tried and tested, and in many cases can increase fuel efficiency by up to 6 miles per gallon on the highway.
The goal for all of our customers is to build and customize your vehicle’s add-ons to the perfect condition in a clean and professional environment.  In doing so, we ensure that you are always happy and extremely satisfied with the service that was performed.
We also want you to have the trust and confidence in us that you are being treated with respect, honesty, and timeliness.  Also, to have the freedom to approach any of our staff at any time with questions or concerns about our services that you are receiving.

Owner + Founder

Jesse Rodriguez

(520) 367-8440
850 E Ohio St #26
Tucson, AZ 85714
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850 E Ohio Street #26
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